SmartBounce new export and lookup features.
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Blacklist Monitor, now featuring SPF lookup
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These tools are great! We're now able to tell how our newsletters get delivered and how "spammy" they are. We've seen a net increase in sales since signing up.

GaF Internet Techs

eMailToolsOnline is an online suite of tools to ensure proper and timely delivery of email campaigns. Our solutions are easy to use and provide constant monitoring, tracking and alerting of conditions which may prove to become problematic for the successful delivery of email campaigns. Try now, 30-Days FREE!
Monitors 2 IP Addresses, 100+ Blacklists
Email notification of blacklisting and delisting.
URL location of blacklisting, IP Reputation Check
SPF, Open Relay, and Reverse DNS Checks
Know instantly when delivery delays occur
Track common delivery problems
Graphical reporting, email notification
Reports by day, week, month and year
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Easy to use, simple send your email to us!
Filters designed to work like top mail providers
Inspects content and reports by web and email
Detailed reporting by header and content
Automatic email bounce handling
Hard, Soft, and Transient bounce detection
Automatic removal via HTTP Push
Exportable data reports in XML or CSV format
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